General characteristics

Crew: 1


Length: 48 ft 2.75 in (14.7003 m)

Wingspan: 38 ft 7 in (11.76 m)

Height: 18 ft 1.5 in (5.525 m)

Wing area: 560 sq ft (52 m2)

Empty weight: 22,050 lb (10,002 kg)

Max takeoff weight: 32,000 lb (14,515 kg)

Powerplant: 2 × Turbo-Union RB199-104D 3-spool turbofan engine, 9,000 lbf (40 kN) thrust each dry, 17,000 lbf (76 kN) with afterburner

Service ceiling: 60,000 ft (18,000 m)

Guns: 1 × 27 mm Mauser BK-27 Revolver cannon with 150 rounds

Hardpoints: Total of 13:


BAe Tempest FGR.1: Single seat fighter variant.

BAe Tempest FGR.1A: Single seat fighter variant, added Active Skyflash (Skyflash Mk.2) and AIM-120 capability.

BAe Tempest FGR.1B: Single seat fighter variant with improved A2G capabilities.

BAe Tempest T.2: Two-seat trainer, combat capable

BAe Tempest FGR.3: entered into service in 1994, last version of the BAe Tempest.

BAe Tempest T.4: Two-seat version of the BAe Tempest FGR.3, combat capable.